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Sima Dance Company

Our vision:

Our vision is to increase exposure of the contemporary dance art form across the Middle East


What we do:

Dance instruction: we offer contemporary dance classes, Ballet and Hip Hop classes at our dance studio DSt2dio in JLT. We aim to provide a very personalized experience in our group classes to accelerate the development of each of our students.

Theatrical productions and event performances:  We put together several globally recognized theatrical performances across the region. These stage performances are expertly choreographed by Alaa Krimed who among his various accolades recently won Arabs Got Talent through his dancing and choreography. We also provide dance entertainment services for events ranging from corporate, gala dinners, fashion shows and more.


Our team:

Choreographer, Alaa Kremid, has taken several choreography workshops in Germany and Denmark. Since it was founded, Sima  Dance Company has enriched the Arab art scene with artistic performances reflecting on the enriching Arab heritage expressed in different contexts, keeping in alignment with the vision of the company.


Our history:

Sima Dance Company was founded in Damascus, Syria in 2003 by Alaa Krimed, a renowned choreographer known for his unique works in the region. After noticing a void in the Arab contemporary dance landscape, he took the first step towards filling that gap, aspiring to expose the Middle Eastern audience to the art of contemporary dance. Today, Sima Dance Company boasts over 40 dancers with an excellent academic background.

Moreover, Sima Dance Company founded a dance studio in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012 before moving to Dubai in 2015. The studio focused on promoting Arab contemporary dance in Lebanon by further developing the skills of aspiring professionals and qualified dancers. The company’s efforts were recently awarded with winning the title of Arabs Got Talent, the Arab version of the international show, produced by MBC.


our team

Founder & Art Director

Alaa Krimed

Dance Instructor

lana fahmi
Contemporary instructor


Fadi Al Shahen
Main Dancer

Diala Najjar

Roh Bredenkamp

Oana Aeerdna

Wujood Ahmad

Talin Harbidyan


Dancers who worked at Sima Dance Company

– Hoor Malas
– Yara Eid
– Fadi Chahine
– Hasan Mallak
– Daria Jamil
– Homam Afara
– Rasha Syriani
– Sakher Al-moniem
– Majeda Al-Herk
– Helana Shmeit
– Arfan Al-masri
– Mazen NahlawI
– Hasan Rabeh
– Mamoun Bakour
– Osama Mahjoub
– Samer Al-Kurdi
– Dana Aamer
– Shadi Arar
– Mohammad Burasli
– Mohammad wafa Al-bouti
– Jawad Hamzeh
– Amr Karkout
– Melinda Marouki
– Mohamad Shbat
– Hasan Al-Barzawi
– Azza Sawah
– Ghifar Al-Hariri
– Renata Mjbeil
– Suliman Waked
– Mohamad Diban
– Diana Aboud
– Saeed Jarbou
– Yazan Karkout
– Ibrahim Aoun
– Fatina Saleh
– Ali Kheder
– Inas Haki
– Reem Nammani
– Vanessa Van Vliet
– Sarah Mashmoushi
– Laian Najjar
– Lea Haj Ali
– Nivine Kallas
– Mohammad Tamim
– Stephanie Kayal
– Lara Mniemneh
– Sixtine De The’
– Yara Awad
– Sima Ghadar
– Diana Darwish
– Mohammad Halabi
– Khaldoun Mslmani
– Durid Jadebah
– Karima
– Joul Al-helu
– Hussien Khadour
– Ahmad Hijazi
– Lama Al-Amine
– Ahmad Diab
– Methqal Zgier
– Ali Al-masri
– Ali Sadieh
– Ali youzbashi
– Mohammad Saied Ali
– Gaith Al-Saleh
– Ahat Janara
– Polina Epp
– Svetlana Ivanova
– Sabina Ismailova
– Irina Suhareva
– Kristina Stepanova
– Damira Tilman

Work With Us

Ultimately our success is driven by the skill, dedication and passion of our members.   We are always looking for new members to join Sima Dance Company. If you think you have what it takes and you are as passionate about dance as we are, please send us your CV.