2006 / performed in Hamra theater Damascus-Syria

CHOREOGRAPHER: 2006 / performed in Hamra theater Damascus-Syria

A young choreographer, leading a struggling dancing company in a land that does not support arts, dreams of getting the opportunity to showcase his work in a European country. The dream comes true when the company is commissioned for a show in Europe. The choreographer starts working with his dancers, rehearsing many dances of different schools, from Waltz to Jive, and from Modern to Sufi Dancing. But the choreographer is in for a disappointment, when his dancers decide to take jobs in low-level night clubs. The choreographer, feeling such a turn is unacceptable, struggles to convince his dancers to change paths, but to no avail. Feeling home-sick and helpless, the choreographer decides to return home and embark on a new dancing project without despair.

Written by: Maxim Abdullatif  

Choreography by: Alaa Kremid

Actors : Ayman abdelsalam – Jamal Salum 

Costume Design : Ahmad Mansour 

Lightning Design : Bassam Humidi 

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