2012 / Hamrah Theater Damascus – Syria
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Cellophane 2012 / Hamrah Theater Damascus – Syria

This performance was built on arousing exercises and personal questions raised on the dancers discussing the case of travel and immigration, which has become a reality in our country. We used our travel bags as the smallest and the only space left owned by the Syrian in these circumstances. Through these questions, we have tried as a group to create a network of visual, kinetic and musical vocabulary and which are compatible with the conditions of this period of the Syrians life.

In Collaboration with Koon theater group

Choreography by: Alaa Krimed

Director : Osama Halal

Lightning Design : Adham Safar

Dancers : Hoor Malas – Lana Fahmi – Daria Jamil – Hasan Rabeh – Hasan Barzawi – Mohamad Shbat – Mazen Nahlawi – Amr Karkout

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