2011 / Operah House Damascus – Syria
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Minutes 2011 / Operah House Damascus – Syria

“Sima” has been performing for eight years with about 29 shows and more than 200 dance pieces

From these, the company chose some of its best work, representing what the dancers and the choreographer held dearest.

 Sima’s journey of hard work, aspiring to explore new aspects of Contemporary Dance, and to look deeper into the connections between contemporary dance arts and the daily life of the Arab youth; was shown in a harmony of authenticity and modernity, bringing West and East together. the group worked on stripping the body to provide a dance show with a pure artistic language which revolved around “Love, Conflict and Home Land”.

Choreography by : Alaa Krimed.

Lightning Design : Ghassan Hammash

Costume Design : Ahmad Mansour

Dancers : Yara Eid – Fadi Chahine – Hoor Malas – Lana Fahmi – Mohamad Shbat – Daria jamil – Melinda Marouki – Amr Karkout – Hasan Rabeh – Wafa albouti – Mazen Nahlawi – Osama Mahjoub –  Lana Shmit – Hasan Barzawi – Jawad Hamzeh – Hussien Khadour .

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